August 22

Iran announced that on August 22nd they would have "joyous news" for the Islamic world.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Delighted to Be Wrong

With only three hours left in the Iranian day, it seems that Iran has so far let the "Day of Joyous News" pass without anything radical delighted to titillate the hearts of Jew-hating
Jihadis everywhere.

I am delighted that nothing more than an offer to sincerely negotiate and the storming of a Rumanian oil rig have been the most major Iranian criminality of the day.


Iran wanted to create a hoax to gauge western weakness
Iran may have been talking from braggadocio and could not walk the walk
Iran may have gotten a warning from the US that a nuclear test would result in immediate bombing and they backed down.
The really were behind the Airliner Plot and their happy day was ruined
Iran suddenly is very concerned about fostering democracy and stability in the region and confronting the problem of international terrorism.

Perhaps we will never know for sure but a day I dreaded has almost past and we are all still here and that is cause for hope and optimism. If this site educated even open person on Iran, it was more than worth it.

Iran did say they would delay their reply to the world's powers until August 22. They mobilized major military exercises in advance of the date and did respond, meekly, to the UN on the day they promised. While one can speculate that Iran has begun something sinister in secret today; so far it seems quite a let down for their radical audience. If they were planning something for today, the time for doing it is passing quickly; I can live with that.

No new is good news.

Monday, August 21, 2006

It is now mid day in Tehran and no news is no news.

Ayatollah Khameini, fascist son of they lying murdering criminal Khomeini did say this :

"The Islamic Republic of Iran has made its decision and, in the issue of nuclear energy, will continue its path powerfully ... and it will receive the sweet fruits of its efforts," state television quoted him as saying.

Khamenei did not mention uranium enrichment by name but senior Iranian officials, including the deputy head of Iran's Atomic Energy organization, have said in recent days that it will not be stopped."

So regardless if today passes peacefully or not, President Bush is the only man in the world who can stop Iran from getting the bomb.

In his 2002 State of the Union Address, he said to the American people: The United States of America will not permit the world's most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons.

Mr. Bush, by deterrence , blockade or war, you must keep your word or you will not be leaving much of a world to your grandkids if you do nothing. With help or not. The price only goes up each day you do not act. Whether oil hits $100 or $250 or $1,000 a barrel (the price eventually will go back down) but we will pay that and more if we let these monsters in Iran get the bomb. The price of not stopping Iran is our liberty. First it will be our weaker allies that will be beaten into submission and then it will be our turn.

Look at the words coming out of this regime before they get nuclear weapons, one should be horrified at what they will say when they actually do have them.

For the first time in my life I am sitting in a darkened night and wondering if Israel will be around at this time tomorrow. But Israel is the least of Mr. Bush's problems because Iran threatens to turn the entire world into a rich west paying tribute to an archipelago of totalitarian thugs from North Korea to Iran and Venezuela. We see the beginnings of these criminals working together and know it will only get worse.

Any detective or mystery writer will tell you, murder is two things: motive and opportunity. Iran has motive aplenty; it may not be rational to us but it is quite rational to them. And they have the opportunity, they are building weapons and have missiles to carry the weapons. And they love to kill. When your regime hangs people from a crane, you love to kill. When your largest public work is a fountain that spews red water to look like blood, you love death. When your love to kill and love death and hire people to murder others all over the world, why then you are Iran.

In a few hours, dawn will break in America and a few hours after than it will be sunset in Iran and August 22 might be significant only in perhaps stirring the US and international community to act before Iran really does get the bomb. Let us hope so.

The one thing that may bring Iran to halt is a total embargo and blockade on their country. No planes, no oil, nothing goes in and nothing goes out until Iran agrees to the supervised dismantlement of their nuclear program. Without money flowing in, the regime will quickly be unable to pay for the nuclear program, without oil their badly mismanaged economy will collapse. The only thing they have is oil.

The Hezbollah war should convince anyone who cares about middle east peace that Iran is a major obstacle to peace, they fund the terror that prevents peace from happening. So long as there is a sponsor willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a single act of terror, peace can never happen. Iran has done more than any other group to foster the radicalism that keeps the Palestinians believing more in destroying Israel than building a homeland. Take their money out of Hamas' pockets and then you can see what Hamas really believes.

All roads in the war on terror lead to Tehran. Stop Iran and Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian Authority all become better places to live. But first you have to slam the door on Iran's nuclear ambitions.

What Will the Morrow Bring?

Iran's leaders are far too serious and dedicated to promise something big and then not follow up with it. Whatever it is, it has to be something substantial enough to merit the very value they have placed on it.

Here are the "top" candidates of what Iran's "joyous news" will be:

a. Doomsday- Multiple Warhead Missile/Cruise Missile Attack on the US, Israel, the UK and Salman Rushdie
Western Intelligence is weak but it is hard to see how they could field nuclear weapons without first testing them. Unless of course they just bought them from Pakistan, or the fissile material from Pakistan and mounted the material on Pakistani based bomb platforms they purchased from the A.Q. Khan nuclear ring.

b. Doomsday Lite- Suitcase Bomb Attack- Soviet accounting was never very good and there is very little in the New Russia that cannot be bought. The bombs have been smuggled into a couple of target cities and let's just say rush hour will never be the same.

c. Hi! We Have Nukes- Nuclear Test- Nothing speaks louder than a loud boom. Iran thinks the west are bunch of punks and will wilt in the face of a nuclear armed enemy.

d. Our Friends Have Nukes Too- Joint Nuclear Test or Simultaneous Test With North Korea If you are going to make a big boom, why not share the fun with a friend?

e. Do We Or Don't We?- Announcing They Have The Bomb This is less telling and harder to prove but it certainly makes the west make a gut check on whether they are willing to confront a potential nuclear enemy.

f. We Want The Bomb- Announcing Decision to Develop the Bomb Iran has said they will give their answer to the international community on 8/22; what could be more joyous than telling the whole world to shove it where the sun never shines?

g. Dirty Bomb Attack- Islamic Gottdammerung Iran and its agents have smuggled in some dirty bombs and will be letting them go tomorrow.

Analysis- US nuclear intelligence has "ballparked" Iran at early enrichment. They are believed to be using the Pakistani cascading centrifuge system of enrichment. Most analysts believe they have not yet got the big one through their own efforts. While money can buy anything, my feeling is that Iran's leaders would have long ago exploded a test bomb if they could lay their hands on it, if only to discourage western interference in their overall program.

The x factor is Iran had already acquired suitcase nukes and when Ahmadinejad and his fellow cultists came in to power they immediately dialed up their Islamic calendar and ordered the attacks for 8/22 for its double significance: Mohammeds Midnight Voyage and Saladin's conquest of Jerusalem.

Other reports need to be factored in: the British Airliner Plot and US satellite intelligence of North Korea possibly preparing for a nuke test. We know that the British plot was caught just before the dry run preceding the actual attack. The "martyrdom" tapes had been done, so the attacks was imminent. Al Qaeda and Iran are closely allied. So two questions follow: 1) if Iran was involved, did Iran plan similar attacks from other airports? 2) Were the attacks to happen today? It is now 8-22 somewhere!

While we cannot rule out the bigger doomsday scenarios, their likelihood, in comparison to the last four possibilities, is thankfully low. But not completely out of the picture. I expect a lot of people will not be showing up for work in DC and New York tomorrow, buildings we can replace. The dirty bomb attack would result in the very same nuclear retaliation as the other attacks listed above. I do not believe the Iranians would do something certain to result in their destruction if they don't completely destroy the US and Israel. They want to die for a reason.

The Black Book of Iran- Everything You Need to Know to Hate The Clerical Regime

Iran is the answer to the question what if Hitler was Muslim and ran a major oil producing state?

It is impossible to list every crime and misdeed here but this is a list to get you started:

Even before the regime came to power, the regime's propaganda claimed Israel troops were involved in massacring Iranian opponents of the Shah.

When they finally did come to power, within months of seizing power, the US Embassy in Iran was captured by regime allies and the personnel held hostage for 444 days.

In 1982, Iran created Hezbollah. Spending billions of dollars over the last 24 years, Hezbollah has become the world's foremost terror organization..

Iran was the principle actor behind the Lebanese hostage and kidnapping crisis of the early 1980s.

Through Hezbollah, Iran murdered 241 Marines in the Beirut Bombing of 1982 attacked the US and French Embassies.

Iran arranged the kidnapping and torture murders of Robert Steatham and William Higgins.

Iran issued the Fatwa against Salman Rushdie and then raised the bounty after Rushdie, living in hiding, had escaped their call for his death. The fatwa is effect to this day.

Iran ordered several car bomb attacks against Israeli embassies and, proving their genocidal intent, blew up the Jewish Community building in Argentina.

In the 1990's, Iran hosted two "all-star" terror conferences. One in Tehran and the other in Beirut. Every imaginable terror group on the planet attended, from the alphabet soup of Palestinian terror groups to Hezbollah; al Qaeda is believed to have attended.

Iran has had open relations with al Qaeda post 9-11. BSa'ad Bin Laden, son of the famous Osama, was just dispatched to Lebanon from his "house arrest" in Iran to Lebanon to "organize the resistance." Ayman Zawahiri, Al Qaeda's number two man has been reported in Iran, nine of the 9-11 hijackers passed through Iran on their way to the US.

Iran has undermined allied efforts in the Iraq war. Iran has sent thousands of terrorists into Iraq from rat lines running from Iran and Syria. Training camps for terrorists for Iraq are run by Hezbollah. In addition, Iran has developed and deployed to Iraq sophiticated IED explosive devices; these weapons are estimated to have caused half the casualties in Iraq. Iranian weapon shipments have been intercepted coming into Iraq on any number of occasions and have been remarked upon by military field commanders and news sources.

8-22 Sources and Links

Authors and articles on Iran and the messianic cult of its leadership.

But first, hold this thought:

"and I was placed inside this aura. I felt it myself.

I felt the atmosphere suddenly change, and for those 27 or 28 minutes, the leaders of the world did not blink. When I say they didn't bat an eyelid, I'm not exaggerating because I was looking at them. And they were rapt.

It seemed as if a hand was holding them there and had opened their eyes to receive the message from the Islamic republic." Ahmadinejad reporting on his UN speech.

No problem this is the normal behavior and thinking of world leaders with nuclear ambitions.

Here are links to a number of articles from a variety of political perspectives and sources that underscore the magnitude of what we are dealing with:

Bernard Lewis, Michael Ledeen, Robert Spencer, Robert Tracinski-5 Minutes to Midnight, Times of Australia , Ian Bremmer, UK Telegraph, Daniel Pipes , RooZOnline, MSNBC, Guardian UK , Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, Joel Rosenberg,
Ken Timmerman.

Many of these authors are eminent in the field. I have intentionally referenced conservative and liberal sources, I want everyone equally worried.

For those who somehow think my analysis is weak, or my facts wrong, back in May I wrote this:

The Summer of War

I cannot predict how much longer the guns will remain silent, all signs are pointing to a rather big nasty war, sooner rather than later. Iran will not agree to end its nuclear program so there are no peaceful avenues left. War is certain but how and when it breaks out is what matters most.

In my previous blog writings, I have chronicled the nature and extent of the Iranian nuclear threat and what might happen if the US does not act.

A Day of "Joyous" News

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been at war with western civilization and all forms of human decency since its creation. No country has sacked or blown up more embassies, or facilitated more terror as state policy that Iran. Iran has hosted the most wanted 9-11 terrorists as welcome guests and murdered hundreds of US and allied soldiers in the Iraq war. Iran and its ally, North Korea, are the only countries in the world building underground "peaceful" nuclear programs.

Last year at this time, Iran elected the most radical Islamist government the world has ever seen. Many of the Iranian cabinet are followers of the Yezdi school of Shi'a Islam and believers in the cult of the occluded 12th Imam Ali. In their year in power, they have purged any in Iran's government deemed not loyal enough or radical enough to their vision for Iran. The President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, may be the mot radical of them all.

For many years I have been focused on Iran as a clear and present danger to global security. More than three years ago I coined the phrase: "if Iran has the bomb, Hezbollah and al Qaeda have the bomb." It is my belief that on August 22nd Iran will do something very nuclear that is intended to announce to the world that they have arrived as a nuclear totalitarian regime.

Iran rebuffed the international community and announced their "joyous news for the Islamic world" until on the the same date, August 22; the Iranian leaders are serious people, the intention to announce something momentous is real. The fact they put their entire military on alert in the days in advance of their announcement is also indicative that their plans for 8/22 will be considered an act of war. The date coincides with two events on the Islamic calendar: the entry of Saladin into Jerusalem and Mohammed's midnight trip to the farthest Mosque (which many Muslims believe to be Jerusalem. Since the earliest days of Khomeini's rise to power to today; Iran's leaders have openly expressed genocidal hatred towards Jews and Israel. Khomeini personally made al Quds Day (Jerusalem Day) a national hate-fest of anti-semitism and a call for the destruction of Israel. This should have western people very worried that Iran might have any nuclear capability. The current president, Ahmadinejad, is able to make an intellectual leap of breathtaking insanity: he both calls for Israel to be wiped off the map and he is a holocaust denier. The man has snakes in his head and is close to acquiring nuclear missiles. Did I mention that he told his followers he felt an aura about him when he gave his speech to the UN last fall?

I am not alone in this assessment, there are many writers in the west, and many people in the western military establishment that are convinced that August 22, 2006 is going to be a very historical day indeed.

The next posts will discuss what other respected writers have to say about Iran, a history of Iranian terrorism, Ahmadinejad and the Yezdi school, and possible scenarios for 8-22.